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It is said that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. That is not quite true. In human interaction, conflict is also inevitable. How we approach conflict in our business life and in our community relationships may determine whether we are able to take advantage of the opportunities presented or give the struggle the advantage. Conflict management acknowledges that sorting through the options with the help of a legal professional can allow us to see opportunities to make lemonade from our conflict lemons.

The court system exists to provide a more civilized alternative to armed conflict but for most individuals and small businesses, the courthouse doors are too expensive to open. Conflict management embraces all facets and tools necessary to navigate the complexity of modern life and business.

Ideally, we educate ourselves and plan ahead to avoid conflict. When conflict does arise in spite of our best planning, we need tools to resolve it, or minimize its effects. If that fails, we must look to outside resources for assistance in reaching a satisfactory resolution. Finally, we can pursue court action to obtain what we need.

We can help with all of those. Conflict management is a more proactive approach than jumping immediately to litigation. Our goal is to help you anticipate the likely sources for conflict, make plans that minimize its risks, and advocate for you when you need assistance. If all else fails, then we also provide traditional legal services, filing your lawsuit, or defending you if you are sued.

Specializing in business, real property, employment and personal conflicts and their sources, you can call us for a consultation to see if we can help.

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